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14 zile intensive. Ziua 14

#Romanitza3.0 #14ZileIntensive #ziua14

Si uite ca am dus la bun sfarsit si de data asta ceea ce mi-am propus.
Concluziile finale le voi scrie maine, odata cu rezultatul final al cantarului si doua poze frumoase de before and after.
Astazi probabil ca am mancat mai putin decat in orice zi pentru ca am avut mult de lucru. M-a lovit o inspiratie nebuna de care am vrut sa profit.
Dupa cum urmeaza:

#micdejun 1/2 banana cu unt de arahide

#pranz minunatia asta de salata cu pui la gratar, 1/2 avocado, rosii cherry si 1/2 castravete pe un pat sublim de rucolla.

#seara am fost efectiv prinsa intr-o alergatura, discutii interminabile si… faptul ca Zaraza a luat locul 1 la concursul de matematica #Eurojunior 💪💪💪incat nici foame nu mi-a fost. Ii ramasese Zarazei o mana (chiar o mana) de orez cu pui si legume pe care am devorat-o din 3 inghitituri (doar ca sa nu il arunc) si aia a fost masa de seara.

Am terminat cu succes cele 14 zile #farazahar si #faragluten!
Masa si darul, maine! Si nu, maine nu am de gand sa dau iama in paine si ciocolata! No way!20180125_234237


14 zile intensive. Ziua 13


#Romanitza3.0 #14ZileIntensive #ziua13

Penultima zi, ultima suta de metri. Azi i-am dat si un boost cu 45 minute de banda la sala.
Am descoperit, finally, varianta de a impaca si capra si varza. Daca pana acum ma foloseam de scuza ca dimineata nu am timp cat e Zaraza la scoala, iar dupa-amiaza nu am cu cine s-o las, acum am solutia. Am gasit un centru unde Zaraza face gimnastica de 2 ori pe saptamana, iar eu fac cate ceva in timpul orei ei. Luni, #pilates si miercurea, ceva #cardio la sala.
La sala nu imi place, noroc ca am tv in fata benzii de alergat si azi m-am delectat cu #Khloe si al ei #RevengeBody. Ma enerveaza si antrenorii care casuna pe tine sa ii iei de personal trainer… ma simt ca o baba din aia care e agatata de gigolos 🤣🤣🤣

#micdejun iaurt cu banana si seminte de chia

#pranz somon la cuptor cu fasole verde si rucolla

#gustare inainte de sala- o rondea de orez integral cu o strelice de unt de arahide si putina dulceata de afine #farazahar.

#cina evident… #supa de pui.


Yes, I am alive!

Indeed, I am alive, maybe for the first time in life I really feel alive! It’s been a looong time since I’ve felt the need to write down my thoughts, but as I had stated in the first place, writing was my auto- therapy. Let’s say I haven’t felt the need for therapy for the past few months… like…since …last September, I think…

Maybe you wonder why! I’ll tell but not right away because so many thing have happened in my life that I don’t even know how to start. Remember my summertime? Well, I think you do, since it’s been my best viewed post 🙂 That gave me a lot of confidence, my great summertime and all the changes that came after that.

Ok, I’m not gonna push your patience: I became a singer! A payed one! A real one! Like in….people pay me to sing for them!! With real money, not monopoly money nor invisible money! People actually pay ME to sing for them! Hope the IRS doesn’t read this :)))))) ( dear IRS, I dream a lot, don’t take me serious) :))))

It all started with a desire! MY DESIRE! the desire to do what I want, to be in front of a public, expressing myself through music! So, after a marathon of WEEDS and Modern Family I started to take things very seriously! I began forming a REPERTOIRE, mostly of Romanian Folklore and Traditional music, two genres I had never thought to perform! But this was my rope, remember the rope from my previous posts? If not, get your ass reading! So I knew I could have a chance with traditional music because our Romanian Community here in France is enlarging every day, and of course we get married here, we baptize our children here, we celebrate our anniversaries here, and it’s our custom to have live singers for our celebrations and I may say that there is quite a demand. Practically I knocked at some doors… literally… where I knew they collaborate with singers.. After some unopened doors from the French side, I began knocking at Romanian doors… and guess what… it opened… and this is how everything began… with one open door at a Romanian restaurant… and my intuition told me to knock at the best door, so I went straight to THE top Romanian restaurant in Paris… and apparently I was exactly what they needed 🙂 MAKTUB! Right person in the right place at the right moment! When it’s written to happen, it will happen!

You will never guess what happened. The more I began discovering my traditional Romanian music, the more I fell in love with this genre of music, a music that I had never had the patience to understand, the capacity of penetrating beneath its simple yet powerful lyrics. I knew I have reached that age of understanding life in a different manner. Our folklore speaks about that simple and happy life! It speaks of love, of nature, of faith… of a life surrounded by family, sharing all that God has given you.

One thing led to another and private parties turned into public shows, public shows into live concerts, from restaurants to theaters and even big open air scenes like Festival of Europe where I had the honor to represent Romania last Sunday (may 22nd). Let me put it this way… I haven’t had an weekend off since the beginning of the year – my official launch was for the NYE party 🙂

I really can’t describe you my big start. It’s only the beginning and I realize I’ve climbed my rope so high that I can see a lot from above. There is a hell of a way until I will reach the top, but I will get some day! The most important thing is that I grabbed my rope…and, boy…I’m holding to it like my life would depend on it!

Yes, it’s hard, and yes, you gotta do great sacrifices…and YES, they will try to pull you down…every single day! And you might get “bullied” and you might get hit, but like my old friend Rocky Balboa said… “it doesn’t matter how hard you hit, but how hard you can get hit and still go on…” Here’s to you, Balboa!

But you learn to deal with everything, as long as you keep your faith and self confidence. Nourish yourself with the positive sides and don’t even pay attention to negativity! Close your eyes in front of the evil and it will disappear. Open your heart for all the Good to come to you and your hungry soul will receive the light. Then follow that light and share it with the rest of the world!

Create your own circle of happiness! And happiness will always come back!







Who wants Champagne?

One of my guilty pleasures in life is… obviously… champagne. Why? More than the good taste, it gives me the feeling of royalty. You know how we always open a bottle of champagne only for really big events? Why? Well, because it’s expensive… and… it’s expensive. So, we keep it for the important moments that we want to celebrate with.. sparkling!

And when I’m into something, I like to dig in a little to find out more about the subject matter, in this case, champagne. So I planned a little day trip in Champagne-Ardenne, the region of France where champagne is produced. So, Route du Champagne, here we come!

20140816_172122 20140816_13170720140816_132840

In a little town, called Epernay, which is about 150 km est from Paris, you will discover the home city of the devil’s wine. In the 16th century in was called like that because that bottles wouldn’t stop exploding. And, no…it was not invented by Dom Perignon, as he was born much later (a century later). He had only a very good nose and a talent in mixing grapes, which contributed in having the champagne we have today. As mush as I would like to think this is the birth place of champagne, it isn’t. This magical liquor was born down in the south thanks to the Benedictine Monks in the French region Languedoc-Roussillon and it’s called Blanquette de Limoux. That’s just a tiny piece of history before heading up to Avenue De Champagne.


Of cours, the first stop is at Moet&Chandon, one of the biggest producers of champagne, including the one and only, the Dom Perignon vintage champagne label. Lucky Claude Moet, who established his winery in the middle of the 18th century, had a lot of demand for it’s sparkling wine in the noble circles, aristocracy and of course, at the royal court. This is how champagne became similar to royalty. In our days, Moet&Chandon can brag about the fact that they are the suppliers of Queen Elizabeth II. Yeah, the business is going well. Nothing much, just being part of the largest luxury company in the world (LVMH), with only 1.6 billion euro revenue (numbers for 2011). And they sure know how to throw luxury in your face.


Prices start from around 35 euros for a normal Moet&Chandon and they can go up to …. more than 7000 euros for a vintage Dom Perignon.


But if you’re interested on a budget high quality champagne, I found an offer you can’t refuse 🙂 Riding on that Route de Champagne, we found an independent champagne house, called Jean Pierre Lalouelle. I had the chance to speak with the owners and they tried to explain me this champagne thing over an ice cold coupe.They have a wonderful fairy house all covered in ivy and they are more than glad to invite you to a tasting in their improvised bar. I really regret not taking more pictures, but i took advantage that my husband was driving so i didn’t want to be rude and refuse all those sorts of champagne… so I was too into the moment and I kind of forgot to take more pictures. But that’s ok, I wouldn’t want to ruin your surprise if you pay them a visit. You must call first as they are working on the vineyard or in the production area almost all the time! We were really lucky to find someone home (as they said). Prices for Lalouelle champagne go from 16 to 30 euros per bottle and you have a discount if you get a 6 pack 🙂


One of the most interesting things I have learned on this field trip is that the way bubbles go up can tell you if a champagne is high or low quality. The trick is to watch the bubbles if they go straight up… that means you’re having a good champagne. Spiraling bubbles are a bad sign so keep away from those. How to choose your champagne? Always look for the blanc de blancs, which is made by 100% Chardonnay. It costs a little bit more, but it’s worth. Trust me, after you have a glass of Ruinart Blanc de Blancs, it’s hard to forget that force in your mouth, making your whole body and spirit feel like they are invaded by the stars in the sky! (be ready to pay around 60 euros for a bottle).

After all that tasting, you must be hungry, so I have a little place to recommend you just a few steps away from Avenue de Champagne: Le Bar Parisian. I ate the best Croque Monsieur of my life. We payed around 70 euros for four persons including drinks and tip and… champagne for me. This post is not about food so i’m not going to mix thing up. We’re keeping it sparkle so no photo food. (Ok, I admit it, I was too hungry and I forgot to take the pictures… yes, too much champagne, so always drink wise 🙂 ). If you want something quick for the road, you can hit Paul bread and pastry shop, or any other open pastry shop and you can have a decent meal under 10 euros. But I do insist going to Paul’s because right next to it you have a wonderful champagne shop which offers almost every kind of champagne you can think of.


Weather we’re talking about a wedding, an anniversary, or sometimes just the presence of the loved ones, champagne makes everything festive and turns any event into a special one! That’s the role of champagne! Make everyone’s heart sparkle and dance with the stars in the sky! Santé!


How to get to Epernay? By car and by car only because the magic is to follow the Route du Champagne

Don’t take the highway, you will miss all the beauty in French landscapes.

route du champagne web v1

Moet&Chandon – 20, avenue de Champagne, 51333, Epernay

Jean Pierre Lalouelle – 50 Route de Vinay, 51530 Saint-Martin-d’Ablois, 03 26 59 92 20

Le Bar Parisien – 9 Rue Porte Lucas, 51200 Épernay ( always check schedules first because the second time we went there was a Monday, and they’re closed, that’s why we had to eat at Paul’s) .

Paul – 1 Rue Gambetta, 51200 Épernay

2015-08-06 18.45.26

Example of using right a Moet&Chandon 🙂

My summertime!

Summer it’s almost over and I can’t help think this was maybe one of the best summer ever…

I started with a quick trip in Romania, celebrating my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary, I was left out at my job, I did birthday parties, I had my cousin in Paris for a week, vacation with my family in places I have never dreamed to see(spending all of our economies), and finishing with three wonderful weeks besides “my person” . Sounds wonderful, no?:)

Even though at the beginning, being left without a job(due to financial issues), seemed like the worst thing ever, actually is not that bad after all… I had the whole summer at my desire, I was able to travel with my family without being concerned about my days off, I spent a lot of time with my kid (something I did not do enough while I was working), and also doing my artistry thing like singing and learning new stuff, practicing my voice… those things I never had time to do or I was just too tired to make them happen! I know, you’ll ask me for the financial side… well, the bright side is that all my extra hours and my 15 hour long days made my unemployment aid to grow substantially. Of course, our budget will have some cuts, like no more 100 euro(at least) dinners, but instead we will rediscover the thrill of eating a 5 euro falafel in the heart of the Marais, on the sidewalk:)) Life is about the simple thing shared with the ones you love! Thank God my husband loves falafel!

And what is even greater, is that everything was so inspiring. Having someone there for you, pushing you to dream and believe in yourself is a blessing. My person ,my best girl,and our 20 year old friendship which gets stronger everyday even though we are almost 2500 km away, gave me that push I was so much in need. Spending three weeks with her, gave me the strength to go on and never stop believing in my dreams!

Being in a period of my life not that good, escaping from my comfort zone by losing my job, having a whole new rhythm in my life, I was not that confident in my powers and I was blind to see the whole new opportunities opening in front of me! Sometimes you just need someone who understands you as a person, as a friend, as an artist soul, to be there for you, to support you, to tell you the things you need to hear, to give you a kick in the @ss, to remind you of what you’re capable of!

These are the persons you have to surround  yourself! I have a great family, but unfortunately I didn’t grew up with brothers or sisters, so I had the immense luck to have her by my side. If we were sisters and we wouldn’t be as close as we are as friends. And now, as she baptized my daughter five years ago, we are also family!!

My point? Always try to get around you only those persons who truly believe in you, who support you, who are there for you when you need them! I live in Paris for more than three years and I wasn’t able to make one friend… and that’s one of the bad parts of being abroad… sometimes you really feel lonely… sometimes there is no one there, no shoulder to cry on, no one to “slap” you when go crazy:))

there were times when people told me I should stop singing because it’s to hard to penetrate in this world! the competition is to high and it can cost me a lot of time and suffering! Well, I think that nothing good comes out without a lot of time invested and maybe, yes, a lot suffering and disappointments, but if you really want it, you will overpass everything and somehow you find the strength to believe in you and in your dream! At least, I will not find myself in ten years regretting I didn’t even try it!

This is it! This is my time! This is my life!


All my life I have waited to turn 27… I don’t know why I’ve always had this idea that 27 will bring a big change in my life…

At first, my fucked up mind thought it has something to do to with that creepy pattern of Jim Morisson, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain or Amy Winehouse… but as 27 was approaching so fast, I’ve realized that I needed the fame and fortune to die in glory… And, clearly, that was not my case (please don’t laugh 🙂 )
So, I began thinking that something else is waiting for me at 27… but guess what what, 27 found me on a 14 hour long working day with the sole desire to sleep.

Short: I have been waiting something to fall out of the sky. And the only things that fell was a big slack over my head waking me up at reality!
What have I done to receive that big change? What big sacrifices have I made to deserve such a reward? How much sweat my self-discipline has poured?

I won’t be a liar and say 0 efforts, but trust me, the result is not that far away…at all!
Yes… 27 gave me the biggest lesson! You see, all my life I have taken everything for granted… talent, beauty, luck, chances, family… but you see… life gives you the lemons…but the lemonade can’t be done by itself. You have to take the lemons and squeeze them until the very last drop to make the best lemonade… by yourself! Always finding someone to do it for you… it’s not an option!

You must earn that lemonade with the price of your sweat, with the pain of your hands because of too much squeezing… I took too much for granted and now I’m realizing how difficult is to make lemonade by yourself! And if you don’t take advantage of lemons as long they are fresh and juicy… they will mold! And then the only option is to throw them away! Who likes molded lemons???
Think of the lemons as you think at your years of youth, of strength and don’t let your beauty get mold! And I’m talking about beauty in the largest way possible, from inside to outside! Take advantage of your most beautiful years and go conquer the world!

One day we will be too old, and there is nothing you can do to turn back time. Those years of youth when you can be the king of the world, will never be back! And, no, I’m not giving lectures to others…I give a lecture to me, in order to motivate myself to pursue all my dreams! (and so do you) And yes, even if it sounds silly… I do believe you should not stop following your dreams! And I will repeat myself until I, also, will get it!

Yes, life will put heavy obstacles… and yes, time will seem your biggest enemy and yes, you will feel like everything is put up against you… but… no, those are not signs to give up… those are challenges you have to pass through in order to achieve your goal! It’s like a job… you work, you have the money! You don’t work… you’ll be a homeless!
Simple as that! You want to lose weight… well, you have a fucking fight going on… Like the first day you go on detox, and your colleague return from holiday with a special cake, especially for you. A cake she has carried on her arms thousands of miles on her knees, in an airplane… in the car… on her way to work… just for you and she can’t wait to see how you will have that gastronomic orgasm while eating! What the fuck do you do??? Yes… life can play you well! And yes, I’m sure 99% would eat the cake, but… I want to be that 1% who stand still and not eat the cake!

So, here I am am… 27! And the biggest change I could have is to realize that without hard working nothing can be achieved and this is the most valuable lesson! You must feel the pain before enjoying the pleasure… Nothing is for free and nothing will lay at your feet just because you have an ounce of potential. That ounce of potential will grow only with tones of practice and hard working.

Yes, you’re tired everyday with the job, with the the daily chores, with kids and family, but somehow, time must be made to pursue your goals! If ain’t you who does that… no one will do it for you! When I realized it’s been more than a week and I haven’t write a single word, I felt something was missing in me… and I started complaining and blaming all the circumstances and everything except me. But, the truth is there is no one to blame but yourself. You will always have the time to do what you love… even if sometimes it requires to sacrifice something else… instead of spending one hour in Facebook or go for a 3h long marathon of Grey’s Anatomy, go out and do that jog, take those photographs at sunset, write those ideas you had in mind all day, go cook that delicious meal you saw in the magazine, read the book full of dust on your night shelf, write that CV you want to send, learn that new language you’ve been wanting for so long, draw that image that’s been haunting for you for so long, practice that new song… One hour per day just for your passion, multiply it by seven… and imagine what can be achieved in 7h per week, 30h a month… it’s huge…

And never think at failure… you will fail often and you fail maybe everyday, but the real courage is to not stop trying. Always think at tomorrow as another chance! And someday you will conquer! Enough of expecting everything from somewhere else but from you. Enough with the self pity and no remorse for the past… what is done, it’s done… what it matters is the future, and that’s your path to build! Waiting for things to happen is just a waste of time. Destiny is written by those who take their time to write it!

Step in that rhythm and dance as long as possible because, someday arthritis will leave your body numb and Alzheimer…dumb!