14 zile intensive. Ziua 4

Azi am intrat in #sevraj! De doua ori! Ma si miram cat ma tine! Avand in vedere ca am barul plin cu cosulete si farfuriute pline de bomboane care mai de care, da, sunt masochista (no, not looking for a Mr. Grey)..ce sa faci, va fac maine poza la lumina zilei. Prima data m-am scosContinue reading “14 zile intensive. Ziua 4”

Romanitza 3.0

#Romanitza3.0 #anul2018 #continuamtraditia #detoxtrup #detoxminte #detoxsuflet Anul trecut a inceput cu o detoxifiere fizica si psihica. Timp de #30zile am eliminat total zaharul din alimentatia mea. Acest experiment mi-a pus la incercare atat corpul, dependent de dulce, cat si psihicul, mereu sclav capcanelor acestei substante mult mai nocive decat suntem dispusi sa constientizam. Concluziile (peContinue reading “Romanitza 3.0”

My summertime!

Summer it’s almost over and I can’t help think this was maybe one of the best summer ever… I started with a quick trip in Romania, celebrating my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary, I was left out at my job, I did birthday parties, I had my cousin in Paris for a week, vacation with myContinue reading “My summertime!”

NO to medication, YES to mediTation!

Unfortunately, we live in a society under pressure. We are supposed to do by the book or else we’re expelled. We have to follow the line because everyone does it. We gotta stay in the row or else we’re punished. Since our first contact with society, as little children in kindergarten, we are taught toContinue reading “NO to medication, YES to mediTation!”