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14 zile intensive. Ziua 4

Azi am intrat in #sevraj! De doua ori! Ma si miram cat ma tine! Avand in vedere ca am barul plin cu cosulete si farfuriute pline de bomboane care mai de care, da, sunt masochista (no, not looking for a Mr. Grey)..ce sa faci, va fac maine poza la lumina zilei.
Prima data m-am scos cu o cafea si cu o tigara (kids, don’t do this at home) si a doua oara cu cateva bucatele de ananas. Imi simteam glandele salivare de sub limba cum tâsnesc!
Oh, Jesus Christ Superstar

#micdejun iaurt grecesc cu banana si afine (am facut jumi-juma cu fii-mea)

#pranz felu’ 1- supa de azi (mai chioara) si felu’ 2- ciorba aia de ieri cu taietei, zici ca am innebunit cu niste supe

#gustare #ananas

#cina the ultimate super #greensalad, care e de fapt rucolla, ceapa verde, castravete, avocado, cas topit la tigaie (cam 30-40 g) si ceva frimituri branza din aia puturoasa de oaie de pomana.
La suflet mi-a mers!!!

Am facu si #yoga, am inceput si cei #4km de mers pe jos zilnic si acuma o plimbare rapida dupa sosete la mall ca anul asta parca toate si-au pierdut perechea!

Va pupacesc!

Romanitza 3.0


#Romanitza3.0 #anul2018 #continuamtraditia #detoxtrup #detoxminte #detoxsuflet

Anul trecut a inceput cu o detoxifiere fizica si psihica. Timp de #30zile am eliminat total zaharul din alimentatia mea. Acest experiment mi-a pus la incercare atat corpul, dependent de dulce, cat si psihicul, mereu sclav capcanelor acestei substante mult mai nocive decat suntem dispusi sa constientizam.
Concluziile (pe scurt), mult peste asteptari.
Dupa cateva zile in care m-am luptat cu sevrajul (la propriu), incet-incet, am observat un adevarat boost de energie, o mai buna digestie (fara balonare si constipatie), si somn mai odihnitor, dar cel mai important aspect a fost probabil satisfactia mea psihica de a nu ceda ispitei. Acest lucru mi-a oferit o crestere a increderii de sine, un plus de care aveam reala nevoie, avand in vedere perioada agitata de la momentul respectiv. Si ca bonus, am reusit sa slabesc si vreo 3 kg.
✌✌✌✌Dupa 1 an de zile, revin cu efectele pe termen lung. Repet, dependenta mea de zahar era destul de ingrijoratoare, existau zile intregi in care nu mancam altceva decat dulciuri, pacalindu-mi corpul cu cele 10 minute de falsa energie pe care eu credeam ca o primesc.
Terminand acest experiment de #30dezilefarazahar, constat 1 an mai tarziu, ca mi-am reeducat corpul. Mananc dulce extrem de putin in comparatie cu perioada de dinainte, iar de fiecare data cantitatea este limitata, acum fiind mult mai constienta de ce si cat mananc, iar in ceea ce priveste greutatea, am reusit sa ma mentin, fara oscilatii mai mari de 2 kg in perioadele critice precum sarbatori sau vacante (bine, mai scap si eu ca vaca in trifoi, dar foarte rar, incat nici nu se cunoaste)🙊🙉🙈.
In spiritul traditiei, vreau sa imi propun noi provocari pentru #anul2018 si va astept, incepand de maine sa urmariti noile mele aventuri, mult mai diverse si interactive!
Fara perdea, fara numar 🙂


My summertime!

Summer it’s almost over and I can’t help think this was maybe one of the best summer ever…

I started with a quick trip in Romania, celebrating my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary, I was left out at my job, I did birthday parties, I had my cousin in Paris for a week, vacation with my family in places I have never dreamed to see(spending all of our economies), and finishing with three wonderful weeks besides “my person” . Sounds wonderful, no?:)

Even though at the beginning, being left without a job(due to financial issues), seemed like the worst thing ever, actually is not that bad after all… I had the whole summer at my desire, I was able to travel with my family without being concerned about my days off, I spent a lot of time with my kid (something I did not do enough while I was working), and also doing my artistry thing like singing and learning new stuff, practicing my voice… those things I never had time to do or I was just too tired to make them happen! I know, you’ll ask me for the financial side… well, the bright side is that all my extra hours and my 15 hour long days made my unemployment aid to grow substantially. Of course, our budget will have some cuts, like no more 100 euro(at least) dinners, but instead we will rediscover the thrill of eating a 5 euro falafel in the heart of the Marais, on the sidewalk:)) Life is about the simple thing shared with the ones you love! Thank God my husband loves falafel!

And what is even greater, is that everything was so inspiring. Having someone there for you, pushing you to dream and believe in yourself is a blessing. My person ,my best girl,and our 20 year old friendship which gets stronger everyday even though we are almost 2500 km away, gave me that push I was so much in need. Spending three weeks with her, gave me the strength to go on and never stop believing in my dreams!

Being in a period of my life not that good, escaping from my comfort zone by losing my job, having a whole new rhythm in my life, I was not that confident in my powers and I was blind to see the whole new opportunities opening in front of me! Sometimes you just need someone who understands you as a person, as a friend, as an artist soul, to be there for you, to support you, to tell you the things you need to hear, to give you a kick in the @ss, to remind you of what you’re capable of!

These are the persons you have to surround  yourself! I have a great family, but unfortunately I didn’t grew up with brothers or sisters, so I had the immense luck to have her by my side. If we were sisters and we wouldn’t be as close as we are as friends. And now, as she baptized my daughter five years ago, we are also family!!

My point? Always try to get around you only those persons who truly believe in you, who support you, who are there for you when you need them! I live in Paris for more than three years and I wasn’t able to make one friend… and that’s one of the bad parts of being abroad… sometimes you really feel lonely… sometimes there is no one there, no shoulder to cry on, no one to “slap” you when go crazy:))

there were times when people told me I should stop singing because it’s to hard to penetrate in this world! the competition is to high and it can cost me a lot of time and suffering! Well, I think that nothing good comes out without a lot of time invested and maybe, yes, a lot suffering and disappointments, but if you really want it, you will overpass everything and somehow you find the strength to believe in you and in your dream! At least, I will not find myself in ten years regretting I didn’t even try it!

This is it! This is my time! This is my life!

NO to medication, YES to mediTation!

Unfortunately, we live in a society under pressure. We are supposed to do by the book or else we’re expelled. We have to follow the line because everyone does it. We gotta stay in the row or else we’re punished.
Since our first contact with society, as little children in kindergarten, we are taught to listen and learn and always follow the crowd cause otherwise we gonna get lost… we are stuffed with this bad mentality.
We have to get married or else grandma’ will have a heart attack if she finds out you live in sin, you can’t get a divorce because the neighbors and relatives will talk.
And not to mention, the job.. got forbidden to love what you do…the most important is to show off your expensive car, your fancy clothes and your exotic vacations (of course, on Facebook). The job must brings money. Period!
And slowly… routine settles down… you do something against your will every day and that kills you slowly like an renascent poison.
And the more time passes, the more you lose your guts to change something. And the more conscientious you become of your cowardliness, the more depressive you become.
In fact, depression is the weak man disease. Yes, I am sorry to say it… depressed means weak.
Lucky those who have the courage to grab the bull by the b@lls and start taking the good decisions…
But the black is not that black (as my grandma’ says), the fact that we are here, trying to find answers is already the first step of a long journey.
And yes, I believe we alone are the only ones who have the right key to open the doors of our future. No medication will do what we are capable of doing. It’s that ounce of courage we need… and then we’ll be free!!

Well, I am part of those “weak” people…I too consider myself this way…and the paradox is that I am well aware that I am strong enough to help myself but somehow there is something holding me back…like the missing piece of a puzzle… and I believe that is courage..I am also on a quest of finding it… and I’m in big trouble… we’re used to driving guided by the GPS… but guess what..I have no GPS for this destination.. and… I feel like I am lost in the middle of the dessert with absolutely no guidance except the stars in the sky…and the question arises: am I capable to let myself follow only by this primordial GPS??
I have exchanged opinions on this subject and I’ve received a curious reaction: that I’am aggressive! I am sorry if it seems aggressive… maybe in my writing storm I tended to be more aggressive because it’s like I’m arguing with myself… sometimes I do believe we need to be a bit shaken of…to be pulled together. And once again, it’s me that must do that with..me!

And NO, I do not believe in medication for depression even though they try to shove it on your throat. Say YES to meditation, go on the biggest journey of your live and start looking inside you. There you will find all the answers you need. And you will be surprised how much is hiding in there. I bet my life you’ll discover things you had no idea they existed. Know thyself. Plus that, it’s not me who’s come with this ridiculous idea, but my old pal, Socrates, was very fond of this concept. How to know thyself??  By meditating… and by meditating I refer to the Osho method, that moment when you clear your mind. Do not confuse meditating with reflecting. Just be with yourself, let your mind rest, have a pause from everything and raise above everything that surrounds you so that the view won’t be from a single perspective, but through a panoramic one.

So, what are you waiting for?