14 Zile intensive. Ziua 2

Wow! Ce zi minunata si intensa am petrecut astazi! Nu am mai fost la zapada de 3 ani, iar in Predeal nu am mai pus piciorul de vreo 12 ani. Am ramas placut impresionata ca partia nu era podium de defilare pentru vuittoane, blanuri si alte fake-uri! M-am distrat maxim cu pseudo-saniusul, am trait s-oContinue reading “14 Zile intensive. Ziua 2”

De ce este greu sa pui punct.

Probabil ca punctul culminant al unei relatii este chiar cel final. Dar cand stii cand e momentul sa pui punct? Cand renunti la lupta? Cand accepti esecul relatiei? Cand decizi sa pui punct si s-o iei de la capat? Cu siguranta numai in romanele de altadata oamenii mureau din dragoste, in viata de zi cuContinue reading “De ce este greu sa pui punct.”

Have you ever been in love?

They say sometimes you gotta let go the past In order to live your present… but how can you, when everything you miss the most is that same past? Not rarely I have seen people anchored in the past. Anchored in past realities that no longer stand for today. Relationships are by far the bestContinue reading “Have you ever been in love?”


Yes, I am alive! Indeed, I am alive, maybe for the first time in life I really feel alive! It’s been a looong time since I’ve felt the need to write down my thoughts, but as I had stated in the first place, writing was my auto- therapy. Let’s say I haven’t felt the needContinue reading “I’m ALIVE!”

Who wants Champagne?

One of my guilty pleasures in life is… obviously… champagne. Why? More than the good taste, it gives me the feeling of royalty. You know how we always open a bottle of champagne only for really big events? Why? Well, because it’s expensive… and… it’s expensive. So, we keep it for the important moments thatContinue reading “Who wants Champagne?”

My summertime!

Summer it’s almost over and I can’t help think this was maybe one of the best summer ever… I started with a quick trip in Romania, celebrating my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary, I was left out at my job, I did birthday parties, I had my cousin in Paris for a week, vacation with myContinue reading “My summertime!”

NO to medication, YES to mediTation!

Unfortunately, we live in a society under pressure. We are supposed to do by the book or else we’re expelled. We have to follow the line because everyone does it. We gotta stay in the row or else we’re punished. Since our first contact with society, as little children in kindergarten, we are taught toContinue reading “NO to medication, YES to mediTation!”

The endless rebirth…

We are all captives. Life is a trap and most of us live in captivity! (imagine the thrill of those in the wild) I don’t even know where to start, because as we are born we are already chained by our mothers’ breast in order to survive. In most cases we are born addictive onContinue reading “The endless rebirth…”

Adult vs. Teenager

As I have always said I’ll always try to inspire myself from things that happen around me. Writing about how you see things can’t be any better. Trying to invent stuff it’s not always as good as Andersen fairy tales… Today I chose to write about growing up and how we change our perceptions. Why?Continue reading “Adult vs. Teenager”