The Hammock Theory

 As I thought so, no news about him the boy from the previous post. I tried call the hospital but they won’t give me any information, so I hope he is still fighting for his life and I wish him well, wherever he is. I was sure this would happen. This is it, life goesContinue reading “The Hammock Theory”



A perfect moment: me, alone in my beautiful cozy kitchen, 5 candles, a pot of herbal tea, my laptop, meditation music and… cigarettes of course! 🙂 I just realized how you can create for yourself one perfect moment you can enjoy in the comfort of your home… it’s Saturday night, and I’m feelin’ gooood! Home!Continue reading “Part 2 – CARPE DIEM”

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

Life begins where your comfort zone ends. Neale Donald Walsch, I couldn’t have said it better. Today is a special day for me. One of my problems is that that I remember a lot of weird anniversaries, like the time when I found my cat, first period, first kiss, first time I left the country, andContinue reading “What do you do when you don’t know what to do?”

I miss doing nothing and I miss doing everything

My home sky I don’t know if it’s my bipolarity I think I have or the fact that today marks 2 years in Paris, or the fact that once again I’m gonna change the house where I live, but I’m feelin’ melancholic. Geez, I go too easy when I say melancholic. I feel like throwingContinue reading “I miss doing nothing and I miss doing everything”


As I stated it before… you always appreciate what you have/had after you lose it. I used the two forms of present and past tense because sometimes you can’t take back what you have lost, sometimes you can’t click “undo”. As I’m sitting in my old room back in my hometown (where I’m spending myContinue reading “Roots”