The endless rebirth…

We are all captives. Life is a trap and most of us live in captivity! (imagine the thrill of those in the wild)

I don’t even know where to start, because as we are born we are already chained by our mothers’ breast in order to survive. In most cases we are born addictive on someone: mother, nurse, nanny, etc. The first thing we learn is that we need someone or else we die. We need an environment, we need a cage! And yes, even the shiniest golden cage, still remains a cage!

And then, we grow up, and maybe we are trapped in the wrong neighborhood, a wrong school, or even the wrong body. We are captives in a society where we don’t fit, but you don’t have a choice yet, you must obey, or else… you suffer the consequences: mocked, expelled, outcast. So you do your best and you give them what they expect… but when they had enough, they will not hesitate to expel you in the end..

You grow more older. You hope to escape, to leave behind those years in captivity, but no matter where you go, and how far you’ll reach, your background doesn’t seem to distance from you. It’s like a drug you know it’s killing you little but little, but you can’t make it without. So you search another addiction, you feel the need to feel captive again. You are afraid to taste the freedom, so you push it away, you run, you hide yourself in a lousy job you hate, or in a poisoned relationship, or simply in a life routine that doesn’t seem to end.

But wait, what is that tremble? By all means, you have discovered something that makes your heart bumps… is it a hobby, a dream, a person? what do you do? Do you dare to listen, do you dare to go further to see what’s around the corner? Do you have the courage to look outside the wall? Do you have the guts to step behind the curtain? How could you? you get nausea.. your head turns and turns and turns… like a roller coaster that never reaches its end. And you feel trapped in an endless fight without the gong between the rounds. And everyday you get more confused, more messed up, more tired and less hopeful. Somewhere between the fog you see the end of a rope. Maybe if you grab it, the spinning will end… but the question arises: do you want it to end? What if you’ll end up hang there forever… hung up in the air… you don’t even know if you have the power ti climb the rope; Yes, it seems impossible to do so… you have never climbed a rope.. you don’t have the strength… you were not trained…never… so you tell yourself you simply cannot do it!

But what if I told you that the need pushes you up ten thousands times more than every training you could possibly had before? What if i told you that primordial instinct of survival  lays somewhere inside you waiting to be awakened only by your will power. Deep inside you know it too… you have to grab the rope. Let it take you up. It can’t take you lower than you already are… you see the end of it, so the only way is up.

It takes a second to decide if you want to escape, a moment to grab your life in your hands and stop the spinning. And no, there is not such thing like too late… time is endless and you create your own as your heart desires. Listen to that instinct, follow that voice… even if it’s for a moment, a second, an instinct… it will be your time of glory, because you have the power of change, the power of creation and endless recreation in ways you never thought of.

“Oh, if only you could’ve recognized what was always yours, could’ve found what was never lost. If only…” (Lisa, Letter from an unknown woman, 1948)

Don’t lose what it’s your to be, don’t waste your energy in spinning without destination, choose a moment of glory and an endless rebirth, instead of the birth of an meaningless eternity, have the courage to climb as high as you can imagine,come on, live a little… Don’t finish up thinking… if only………………life throws you many ropes in hope you’ll reach at least for one… so, what’s your rope?


4 thoughts on “The endless rebirth…

    1. We are all born with that fire… that bad thing is that we lose it to yearly… i see more and more today zombies instead of people…goin’ on with their mechanical lives… what’s the point??? Why can’t you wake up? Why are we so cowerd sometimes?

      1. I think life beats people down, instead of being themselves, people conform to what they want they think other people want them to be, instead of making themselves happy! Whats the point if your passion for life isnt blazing. Right? 🔥🍷

  1. Unfortunately, people lose their trust in themselves and that ruins any motivation to start doing what you love. Time passes and one day you wake up regretting.. sometimes is too late, but other timeswe just have to give it a try… risk a bit.. without risking, there is no winning…

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