NO to medication, YES to mediTation!

Unfortunately, we live in a society under pressure. We are supposed to do by the book or else we’re expelled. We have to follow the line because everyone does it. We gotta stay in the row or else we’re punished.
Since our first contact with society, as little children in kindergarten, we are taught to listen and learn and always follow the crowd cause otherwise we gonna get lost… we are stuffed with this bad mentality.
We have to get married or else grandma’ will have a heart attack if she finds out you live in sin, you can’t get a divorce because the neighbors and relatives will talk.
And not to mention, the job.. got forbidden to love what you do…the most important is to show off your expensive car, your fancy clothes and your exotic vacations (of course, on Facebook). The job must brings money. Period!
And slowly… routine settles down… you do something against your will every day and that kills you slowly like an renascent poison.
And the more time passes, the more you lose your guts to change something. And the more conscientious you become of your cowardliness, the more depressive you become.
In fact, depression is the weak man disease. Yes, I am sorry to say it… depressed means weak.
Lucky those who have the courage to grab the bull by the b@lls and start taking the good decisions…
But the black is not that black (as my grandma’ says), the fact that we are here, trying to find answers is already the first step of a long journey.
And yes, I believe we alone are the only ones who have the right key to open the doors of our future. No medication will do what we are capable of doing. It’s that ounce of courage we need… and then we’ll be free!!

Well, I am part of those “weak” people…I too consider myself this way…and the paradox is that I am well aware that I am strong enough to help myself but somehow there is something holding me back…like the missing piece of a puzzle… and I believe that is courage..I am also on a quest of finding it… and I’m in big trouble… we’re used to driving guided by the GPS… but guess what..I have no GPS for this destination.. and… I feel like I am lost in the middle of the dessert with absolutely no guidance except the stars in the sky…and the question arises: am I capable to let myself follow only by this primordial GPS??
I have exchanged opinions on this subject and I’ve received a curious reaction: that I’am aggressive! I am sorry if it seems aggressive… maybe in my writing storm I tended to be more aggressive because it’s like I’m arguing with myself… sometimes I do believe we need to be a bit shaken of…to be pulled together. And once again, it’s me that must do that!

And NO, I do not believe in medication for depression even though they try to shove it on your throat. Say YES to meditation, go on the biggest journey of your live and start looking inside you. There you will find all the answers you need. And you will be surprised how much is hiding in there. I bet my life you’ll discover things you had no idea they existed. Know thyself. Plus that, it’s not me who’s come with this ridiculous idea, but my old pal, Socrates, was very fond of this concept. How to know thyself??  By meditating… and by meditating I refer to the Osho method, that moment when you clear your mind. Do not confuse meditating with reflecting. Just be with yourself, let your mind rest, have a pause from everything and raise above everything that surrounds you so that the view won’t be from a single perspective, but through a panoramic one.

So, what are you waiting for?


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