To old friends and new beginnings…

Decisions, decisions and again decisions… Life is made of a long, very long chain of decisions.

There are times in your life when you find yourself at a crossroads. Love vs. Money,  Family vs. Career, Dreams vs. Responsability. These are the most common situations we often find ourselves.

So, what do you do when you have to choose? Where will you find the answer and how can you be sure of your choice?

Of course, the first feeling you get is fear. You’re scared about how your decision will affect you and your family. You start analyzing every element in the situation, you weigh every thought, you put it on paper, you make scenarios in your head, you have nightmares, and the most important think about others. How this will affect my wife, my husband, my parents, my children? And that’s the crucial point when you let your feelings be driven by selflessness when actually this is one moment when you DO have to be selfish. You become a pain in the @ss for those around you and your life becomes a mess. And all that because you are always affraid of the wrong choice, affraid of failure, affraid to start all over again…

But what if I tell you that searching for the answer is not the way to make that decision? In journalism, they sau that in order to get the information, you have to put the right question.

What makes YOU happy?

That is the first question you have to ask yourself without having in consideration other aspects.

What would you choose if you weren’t affraid?

Love vs. Money… yes… you’re affraid marrying the poor one instead of the rich one… but you will have nothing epic in your life because someone has already made that journey…without you. You will be just a sillhouette in the frame just to fill a gap and look nice.

Family vs. Career…(and by that I mean you already have a family of your own, children to take care of)  I only have one question and let me quote it because it doesn’t belong to me: Does your family need your presents or your presence? Sleep over it!

And finally… THE choice: Dreams vs. Responsability

Dreaming too big or aiming too high seems too much? Well, the higher the destination, the longer the journey. And yes, it’s all about the journey.

Think about Ullyses epic story. He had one thought and one thought only. To get back to his beloved Penelope. But it wasn’t his return that made his story an epical one, but his journey itself. The struggle and the adventures he had… that was epic, not his return to Ithaca to his Penelope.

Well, if ou already asked yourself the questions above, you should already have found your answer by now.

Personally, it took me an hour long talk with an old dear friend which I met yesterday after not seeing eachother for ten years or so.  I have been struggling with a choice for quite a while… And just by catching up, he asked me those two questions above… and I realized that I had the answer in me all this time…it was just the question that wasn’t right.

And no, I don’t believe in coincidence. Actually I am more sure than ever that everything happens for a reason. Seeing my old friend reminded me of the past, reminded me who I am (because more than often you lose sight of who you really are). Leaving my country and changing all my environements and having no friends at all it’s not that easy… you enter a vicious cercle and stepping aside when there is no one to pull you back… it’s one hell of a fight. Let’s just say yesterday I had a Fairy helping me out:)

That being said… I should start packing… my epic journey is about to start! :)))

P.S. Thank you, Fairy, for the one way ticket:)


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