Part 3- Bolognese Theory

Bolognese Theory

Fortunately, everything in the world, has its reverse. And this story is about pasta a la Bolognese. I always hated Bolognese. All that ground meat, tomato sauce, garlic… too… ordinary…too… not inspiring. But I actually had not tasted a well done pastas, except one time made by a friend who was not such of a good cook.

This until winter came and the boutique had to feed a lot of hungry men and women with high caloric dishes so they can be able to face the cold outside. Oh, yeah, Parisians love Italian food! And once I was hungry. I was in the mood for pastas, but, when I turned to see what’s left… there were only two bowl of… of course… Bolognese! One thing led me to another to taste this dish I have always hated… and… it was not so bad… far away better than the lasagnas. Then I warmed it… I put a bit of cheese and there I was, having a blast by eating Bolognese. There were actually not so bad! After a half of bowl, I was like… I couldn’t let the bowl aside… it was that good. Just like one good mercy fuck with a geek which turns up to be not that bad, actually great in the end, unlike the Lasagnas which was the “captain of the football team” who fucks quick and terrible and it’s only the image we are mad about 🙂 

Conclusion: Never judge before you know! You might get surprised! Let yourself time to know before you put a verdict. Things might surprise me if you let time do his job. Many times we let ourselves fooled by the first impression (which can be good or bad). We hurry to put an etiquette on people, marginalize them just because they don’t look in a certain way. We reject people and we discriminate only because we don’t allow the time to get to know them. And, unfortunately, today we discriminate a lot. I watch my 4 year old daughter telling why she doesn’t want to be friends with I don’t what girl because she has an ugly dress. And this is our fault, our society’s fault, because before that my daughter was marginalized in front of our block by other kids because she wasn’t speaking well (she was two years old and they spoke a different language than her’s. And now of course, they are all friends because I bought them with sweets and candies and awesome anniversary parties! Yeah, I know, it’s not the best example I could give to my daughter but I was raised in a world where I found out that everything has a price! Or at least… almost!

So, the thing is, we have the tendency to make what others do to us… why??? I know, we’re no fucking Jesus… but at least… can we try to be more good with other? why all this cruelty, why all this envy? why all this hypocrisy? why all the gossip, why all the interest on your neighbor’s new car? These are the little things that can change our kids mentality on the long term… Just be who you wanna be without being interested on x or y and why he did that or where she went and with whom!! It’s not your fucking business! And don’t try to make any suppositions on someone else’s life! You could never know what’s inside someone else’s soul! 

In my personal experience I have no greater story than how I met my husband. When I first met him, I was not even 19. Last year of high school, and even though I was attending that school for over a year we had never met. One week before school end, we had The Prom! Something like the American one, but without the queen and the king. Let’s say we turned out to be the royal family after all, in a very Bolognese style, but this story is way too complicated for this evening and plus that I had to type on my laptop all yesterday stuff, so, quoting Scarlet O’Hara: Tomorrow is another day. 

Stay tuned:) 


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