I believe everyone has their own story to tell, and for the first time, I’ll be writing my own role and I’ll be playing on the big stage.

And as every story, mine, also begins with… Once upon a time…

My demons are haunting me. I can’t sleep, I can’t rest, I can’t work, and I don’t have even the fucking energy to take a bath. I’m starting to stink. In every possible way. What the fuck is wrong with my life?? I guess we never appreciate what we have until we lose it. The story of my life!

So, what do you do when you don’t know what to do? You start writing in the middle of the night having no fucking idea about what you write. But you keep going, and going and going… till something comes up. Maybe nothing comes out. Tonight. Nor Tomorrow, nor the day after tomorrow, nor the whole fucking year! But you keep going, not knowing that these failed attempts create in the end a true masterpiece. This masterpiece I call it Life. True life. With real characters and real locations. With real feelings and so fucking hard experiences. I try to deal every day with my life. I beg, I borrow, and I steal. In this new game called surviving there is one rule and one rule only: there are no rules! Surviving equals growing up. Growing up stands for welcome to a world where people bite harder than dogs, dreams start to crash and smiles are sold only during sales.

Welcome to my world. Maybe yours is better and you have no worries at all so reading/following this God knows what will just blow up your precious pinky time, but I seriously doubt it. I see most of my so called friends with there so called perfect little lives  reading this and I can’t help myself bursting into a hysterical laughter imagining there acid faces as they think they hit the jackpot marrying a second hand prince charming and living in their little golden cages. I’m sure they have all an orgasmic life. Don’t let me be in your way. Don’t forget to lock the cage! Just go live your happy lives! This is not for happy people.

So, yeah, where was I? I was just wondering where I’m going with all this. Maybe so did you. You know, I watched a lot of Murder, she wrote/NYPD/CSI style series… groupie type of, so I know that any action or better said, reaction, needs a motive. I, too, have a mobile for my weird 1 a.m. activities. As I stated in the first sentence, I’m haunted. I believe every human being is haunted by its demons. Mine are starting quite of a family free. If life gives you lemons, you should do lemonade. I have questions! I want answers! Being a fan of mixing practice and theory, I have made a bet with myself. Writing every day (starting today, 11/12/13 with no deadline) in order to complete a practical theory of how to exorcise your demons and find the answers.

I know it is very hard to believe, but have you noticed the fucking date I’ve chosen to begin?? I’ve only realized it when I typed it. So, yeah, thank you, Providence! If, that’s not a sign, then what is??

It sounds complicated and out of line with no logical explanation… but it resembles with something that we deal every day… life! So, we should all have the required qualification to face this experiment. It’s simple. I believe one ordinary live can’t become an extraordinary one just by high lightening it. So, I will just try to turn on the lights of mine. /


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